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Season 8

I don't have cable so I'm always a year behind on Degrassi (waiting for the DVDs and all). Therefore, I have some Palex and Paige-centric questions that I hope someone can answer. :)

Every episode guide for this season focuses on every character but Paige and Alex. Are they even in season 8?

Second, WHY DO THEY KEEP BREAKING PAIGE AND ALEX UP?! I love the pairing and I wish they'd just stay together. Is there any Paige/Alex action in season 8?

Third, in season 7, Paige was exposed to HIV. How did that turn out? Is it even mentioned again? Does Alex find out about it and what was her reaction?

Spoil away! :)

Spoilers in the comments as well.
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I'm a year behind as well. Partially because ever since Palex has faded away I just stopped caring. They messed it up big time. When they found out Deanna was moving to Los Angeles they should have just said Alex and Paige were moving away together as a happy couple instead of messing the entire show up. Paige is starting to sound slutty being promiscuous with just anyone anymore. Her character has so much more potential than what they're doing with her. It would have been better to get rid of her then mess her up like they did. I heard she doesn't show up in season 8 and I know Alex is not in season 8. Sadly unless it's maybe for a guest spot on the show I don't think Deanna is coming back.
The "Griffin exposes Paige to HIV" was THE shocker for me from season 7. I totally didn't see that coming. I just can't understand why they wouldn't pursue the storyline as there's lots of potential for drama, but I guess with actors leaving to work in America and such that they just decided to focus on all the new high school kids. It's a shame. So many of the old cast are gone.

Alex's reaction to the whole thing would have been PRICELESS.

I need more Degrassi icons. :D
There is a Degrassi Goes Hollywood movie that is going to wrap up the end of this season... Deanna isn't in it (that I know of, anyway) but Lauren Collins is. Maybe they will re-visit the Paige being exposed to HIV thing at that time.
You may be right! I wish Alex could be involved, though. :( But it'd be nice to see that storyline get wrapped up either way.
Yeah it would have been priceless, like the hole "If you would have stuck with me you wouldn't have been exposed to HIV!"
That story line though totally ruined it all for me so much thought that it really actually made me sick. They've done so much to Paige to have her end up so helpless really and at the mercy of fate. I never liked that bastard Griffin. I wish they would have said that season was a dream and didn't happen and then they may have me back. I'm just pretending it didn't happen and that Paige and Alex are still together (they are in my head).
They lost me when Deanna Casaluce left. She's the sexiest thing on this planet, not only that but she's just adorable.
I love your icon by the way.
Griffin should have at least told Paige he was HIV+ so she would have had a choice. I honestly thought it was out of character for her to forgive him so easily. He exposed her to a potentially deadly disease. Alex smoked pot and was a bit irresponsible with jobs Paige wanted her to do, and Alex is the one who can't be forgiven??? That was really ridiculous. Alex got a raw deal there.

I loved the mismatchiness of Paige/Alex and really wanted to see them make it work. We can keep them together through the power of fanfic AU! :D



December 15 2009, 04:46:18 UTC 8 years ago

I miss paige and Alex :/

Does anyone have any good tv show recomendations for me?

I think the new degrassi tottaly sucks with out them.