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Palex: Paige Michalchuk and Alex Nunez

"Say it in your squeaky voice!"

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Welcome to Palex Fans, the very first Paige/Alex ["Palex"] 'shippers community!

Join in conversation with other fans of the 'ship, post fan fiction, icons, graphics, pictures, polls, whatever! Just keep the following rules in mind. If you break any, you risk being banned. 'K?

o1.ALL SPOILERS MUST BE BEHIND A CLEARLY MARKED CUT! No excuses, no exceptions, NOTHING. Don't spoil.
o2.Stay on topic. No general Degrassi posts...ONLY Palex-related.
o3.If you're posting more than 6 icons, you must put them behind a cut.
o4.Banners and large-ish graphics must also be behind a cut.
o5.NO FLAMING! If you don't like Palex, don't JOIN. It's simple.
o6.No rudeness will be tolerated. I don't want ANY lj drama on here. Degrassi is drama-filled enough.
o7.Most important rule? HAVE FUN!

Your mods,
jadedanielle, justjumpit__ & kaitlinbell