Mariah (marianlibrarian) wrote in palexfans,

Something of interest:

Canada has skipped "Love Is a Battlefield" entirely. They didn't switch the order around or anything, they just outright didn't air it. And the schedule seems to indicate that they have no plans to air it anytime soon.


On the upside, maybe this means the backlash had some effect and they realized they screwed the pooch (I know there's been a MASSIVE backlash. They had to set up a specific form letter just to respond to all the unhappy e-mails). But on the other hand, they need to at least explain what happened since the events are mentioned in subsequent episodes. But airing it out of sequence in it's current form will make absolutely no sense.

I'm curious to see how this all plays out.

EDIT: Not only did they skip airing LIAB, but there is absolutely no record of it's existence on the official/CTV website. There are people on the boards over there asking "WTF did I miss? Where did Alex go?"

Suspicious indeed... but I'm hoping this could mean good things for us. Especially if this winds up being the last season Which I have a sneaking suspicion it might be (there are extra episodes this season, and the episode titles seem more... final than any of the others have been)
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