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Agony now on LJ

Some of you may know me from paige-alex.com and know of my story, Agony which I started in August and have written about seventeen chapters of.

A friend of mine has been bugging me for a while now to get it up on my LJ, so finally, now that i have some time, i have posted the prologue and the first 5 chapters of my story over on my journal.

For those of you who haven't hear of Agony, here are some details.

Title: Agony
Author: KKftKK
Rating: T or R
Summary: Alex grew up rich and happy, but her sixteenth birthday changes her life, and she loses herself. Paige was a happy, if not so rich child, until a party that changed her for good. Paige and Alex have something in common, something that brings them together but there are many things trying to push them apart, a jealous ex, a secret sibling, a father from hell... what will it take for them to keep it together and their relationship in tact? Only time will tell.
Warning: Violent sexual content (Not graphic, just mentioned)
Feedback: Extremely welcome, although i live to serve my readers, a little incentive here and there helps me out alot.

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